Interregional Working Groups


The project partners will organize six regional working group (RWG) meetings during the lifetime of the IPP project. These meetings will involve a group of local and regional actors and intermediaries (e.g. Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Research Institutions, Regional clusters, Labour Centers and from the Local Rural development offices). Regularly interested stakeholders will be informed on the ongoing implementation of the project. The participants will be able to discuss their ideas on the project matters and give advice on upcoming activities.

The reports of the meetings will be disseminated between the partners to ensure the interregional character of the exercise and will guarantee maximum input and feedback towards the interregional working group .

Észak –Alföld, Debrecen

During the first RWG meeting Innova has held a short overview about the places and topics of the interregional working groups, dissemination events and seminars and has discussed the possible co-operations within three different workshops:

  • Development of  entrepreneurship and regional marketing
  • Green technologies
  • Information and Communication  Technologies

The participiants have concluded that the most important is to develop international relationships in the following field of activities:

  • Information and communication technology; R&D clusters
  • competitive knowledge and co-operation between enterprises and universities
  • health tourism
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • the problem of population decrease and unemployment

Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg

The first RWG meeting brought together regional stakeholders from ministries, universities, regional business development agencies as well as industrial and trade associations. The participants were reminded on the importance of interregional cooperation for innovation and with great interests they met the overview of the planned activities like the benchmarking, the  study visits and the development of pilot projects.

Latvia, Riga

One of the aims of this meeting was to put together all stakeholders (local authorities, planning regions, ministries, Non-governmental organizations, SMEs, technology clusters, research institutes etc.) to present them the idea and targets of the IPP project. The following desirable areas for establishing  new partnerships have been established

  • Development of entrepreneurship in regions and regional marketing
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Creative industries

The next step will be establishing regional partnering platform where  15 experts from the areas above would be involved.

Spain, Valencia

The partners of Valencia have developed a new methodology and structure for the Regional Working Group (RWG), based on holding structured workshops, seminars, meetings and other initiatives.

The purpose of that is to detect the areas of greatest interest for Interregional Cooperation to the Valencian society and provide information about European cooperation opportunities, and the main objective is to bring the European reality closer to the intermediate bodies for innovation at regional and local level, bring closer its policies and proposals, as well as to make known the opportunities provided by the European Union, in the framework of IPP project.

This platform for the RWG has different names depending on the subject, scope, intended audience, topics addressed. They all make up the structure of the Regional Working Group in the Valencia Region, and have different themes: Energy, Consumers, European Funding, Innovation, Crisis and Employment, with impact on different levels, i.e. local and regional. These initiatives are Europa Tuya (5 meetings), Europa Opina (2 meetings), Eurolocal (3 editions), Other events (2 meetings) and Direct contacts, meetings and visits (6 altogether), with a total of more than 450 participants from local and regional authorities, SME´s, Universities, R&D Centres, Technological Institutes, Councils, and all the stakeholders of these topics.

Action Plan of IPP

The document " Increasing innovation performance through interregional cooperation- Action Plan for IPP regions" is available under the Downloads menu of the website. [...]
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IPP Final Conference

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IPP Project Development Workshop during the 10th Open Days in Brussels

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