Észak-Alföld Region is situated in the North-Eastern part of Hungary and borders Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. The territory of the region represents 19,1 percent (17.729 km2) of Hungary, while its population gives 15,3 percent (1.552.704 inhabitants) of the total population. Two most significant natural resources of our region are the excellent quality arable lands and the thermal water. The region’s world famous health spas, national parks welcome its visitors with high value-added services and traditional Hungarian hospitality. Észak-Alföld has significant research and development capacities that promote intensive development of innovation-oriented technologies in the region. The region provides a solid R&D base, concentrated in Debrecen and in the other two county seats, Szolnok and Nyíregyháza, which could be attractive to companies with high quality requirements. The region holds the second position on national level regarding R&D expenditure and is the third at the number of R&D personnel. Institutions of tertiary education have age-long tradition in the region, with specialized institutions among them. University of Debrecen is the major and dynamically developing university centre of the region.

Action Plan of IPP

The document " Increasing innovation performance through interregional cooperation- Action Plan for IPP regions" is available under the Downloads menu of the website. [...]
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IPP Final Conference

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IPP Project Development Workshop during the 10th Open Days in Brussels

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