Germany: Saxony-Anhalt

The German state of Saxony-Anhalt was formed in 1990 from the union of the former districts of Halle and Magdeburg. It covers a total surface area of 20.445 square kilometres and has 2.7 million inhabitants. The region provides excellent conditions for inward investments, as plots for establishing businesses are available in more than 150 industrial parks and 15 technology and new business centres. Saxony-Anhalt is a young Federal State with a long industrial tradition. Technical innovations as well as the favourable situation in the heart of Europe led to the development of a centre for industrial production in the region at the beginning of the 20th century. In the region the first complete metal commercial aircraft, the first colour film and the synthetic rubber were produced. Among the strong points of the region we can mention that it is situated in the heart of Europe, has an attractive commercial and scientific hub, with rapidly expanding industries, has a well developed infrastructure, a high-quality and multi-faced research landscape and is rich in green technology and renewably energy.

Action Plan of IPP

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IPP Final Conference

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IPP Project Development Workshop during the 10th Open Days in Brussels

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