Spain: Valencia

The Valencian Region lies in the East of Spain and accounts for 500 km of coastline. The region is composed of three provinces, Alicante, Castellon and Valencia for a total area of 23,255 square kilometres and with a population of 5,094,029. The region has a flourishing economy, a mild climate, a remarkable artistic heritage, and it presents a dynamic economic development along the Mediterranean coast. Public educational institutions play a key role in R&D activities and in increasing the list of scientific publications. The universities´ efforts have contributed to a growing number of patents and university-company relationships including spin-offs and offices for technology transfer. One of the most important characteristics in relation to the Valencian industry is a marked vocation for modernisation and diversification of the industrial framework. The unique institutional structure of the Valencia Technological Park with a total surface of 1.038.290 m2 and 262 plots supports this process. Regarding energy and environment there are 17 natural parks and 3 protected natural marine reserves, and the region is increasingly using numerous sources to produce renewable energy. The area has moved from a traditionally agricultural-based society to providing services and industrial activities typical of an economically advanced society. Tourism is a significant sector in the Valencian Region, with around 12% of the region’s GDP, the greatest contribution to GDP of all mainland autonomous regions.

Action Plan of IPP

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