Steering Group

The overall steering of the project lies in the responsibility of the Steering Group which is comprised of delegates of the involved regional authorities.
The Steering Groups tasks are the monitoring of the project, the reviewing and approving of the work plan, the selection of the pilot projects and – if necessary – agreeing any changes to the project. Each partner region is also advised to set up a regional partnership to ensure the necessary linkages between different services at the local and regional level.


Rules of procedure / Steering Committee

Partners: Ministry of Economy and Labour Saxony-Anhalt, INNOVA Észak-Alföld Regional Development and Innovation Agency, Fundacion Comunidad Valenciana and Regional Vice Ministry for Relations with the State and European Affairs of Valencia Spain and State Regional Development Agency of Latvia.

(1)    The Steering Committee is the decision-taking body of the Interregional Partnership Platform and decides all issues that are of strategic importance for project implementation. It consists of one representative of each partner region. The nomination of the appointed members of the steering committee is incumbent on the project partners on their own responsibility. Each partner can appoint a new or subsequent representative at any time. The Steering Group can at any time invite representatives from the project partners’ regions to the meeting for reporting.

(2)    Being the representative of the Lead Partner, the appointed Steering Group member of Saxony-Anhalt leads the meetings of the steering committee. He/She chairs the meetings in the sense of a joint and equal partnership of the IPP consortium. He/she will use her best efforts to reach mutual agreements during all decisions making procedures.

(3)    The Steering Committee decides consensual. In the case of enduring non-consensus within the steering committee the subject in question will be first submitted to the Central Management Unit (CMU) in request for mediation among the partners.

(4)    The Steering Group meets whenever necessary, but no more than two times a year. The meetings are prepared by the International Working Group and the Central Management Unit (CMU) in organizational and administrative respect The CMU provides the secretarial back up for the Steering Group.

(5)    If any decisions have to be taken in between the Steering Group Meetings those can be taken by written consent – the procedure will be initiated and organised by the CMU.

(6)    The Steering Committee accepts these rules of procedure in its constituent meeting. At any time the steering committee can resolve pertinent alterations of the rules of procedure with simple majority

Action Plan of IPP

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